Lecture Notes: Information Representation

It's important to note that these lecture notes may or may not appear; they're not a guaranteed part of the course, but are provided to you as a convenience.

Week 2: Introduction to the Course

January 13: Week 2 day 1: introduction of terms to be used in the course, and reading notes on the Introduction of Tufte

January 15: Week 2 day 2: semiotics lab and activity

Week 3: Surrogation

January 20: Week 3 day 1: surrogation, reading notes on Cleveland and Cleveland reading, Tufte Chapter 1.

January 22: Week 3 day 2: surrogation lab

Week 5: Disinformation

February 5: notes for Disinformation

Week 6: Information Entities

February 10: notes for Form, content, and intellectual attributes (reading notes for O'Connor)

Week 7: Information Organization

February 17: notes for Information Organization

Week 8: Tying the Representation to the Retrieval System

February 24: notes for Tying representation to the retrieval tool, and Tufte Chapter 6

February 26: Lab

Week 9: Unit 1 Review

March 2: notes for Unit 1, Representation

Week 10: Tying the Representation to the User

March 16: notes for Tying Representation to User, McArthur and McDaniel readings

March 18: notes for lab

Week 12: Knowledge Representation

March 30: notes for Knowledge Representation

Week 13: Intermediaries

April 6: notes for Intermediaries

Week 15: Future of Information Representation

April 20: notes for Future of Information Representation