Dr. K.'s email and attachments page:

If possible, adjust your email account settings so that the "From:" line includes your name, in addition to your email address. This is especially important if your email address is not connected very closely with your "real name."


From: Michelle Kazmer [cataloguing_geek2@hotmail.com]

or even:

From: M Kazmer [cataloguing_geek2@hotmail.com]

rather than:

From: cataloguing_geek2@hotmail.com

If you can't or don't choose to adjust your account settings, then sign your email! Give your recipient a fighting chance of knowing who they're dealing with.


--Dr. K.


Thank you so much!
--Guinevere Jones

Rather than:


Include as much detail as you can in your subject line while keeping it as brief as possible. Also, keep carefully in mind if you have recipients who have specifically requested that you include a certain detail (such as the course number!) in your subject line.


Subject: 5703 addition to assign.2
(professor for the course requested that course number be included in subject line)

Subject: Application for asst. prof. position

Subject: Application for position XY-4583 (CACM)

Subject: Kazmer review of Zucker book
(person requesting reviews in this case asked reviewers to include their names and the book authors' names in subject line)

If you are going to attach a file to an email, include your surname (family name) in the filename of the attachment. At some point your recipient is likely to detach the file, and they will be really happy if they can tell whose file it is without opening it.




There are of course cases where this is not the correct thing to do; use your judgement. This is often true in cases of group or committee work:



I hope this is of some help to you as you continue to manage your personal information flow!
Copyright Michelle M. Kazmer 2004